Friday, June 12, 2009

Mini Review: A Night at the Operation

With spring drawing to a close, I've got to get these mini reviews finished up. Today, we'll be looking at A Night at the Operation by Jeffrey Cohen.

This comedic mystery series centers around Elliot Freed, the owner of the only all comedy all the time movie theater in New Jersey. In this book, his ex-wifes goes missing. Considering how close Elliot and Sharon still are, he becomes quite concerned. Even worse, one of her patients has died under mysterious circumstances, and the police want to question her about it. Where is she? What does she know about the death?

The plot grabbed me from the first chapter and keep me engaged until the end. And the humor was non-stop, keeping me laughing or at least grinning.

My only real complaint was the suspect characters. We spend so much time with the series regulars, I never got a good feel for the new characters brought in for this particular plot. But that's a minor complaint over all.

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