Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meeting, Party, Party, Ultimate, Bab 5

Before I get to talking about my weekend, I do have an announcement to make. If you've been looking for my "Followers," I took it down. Seems that when viewing my blog through IE, the Followers program from Blogger would make the blog crash. And since I use IE, I couldn't view my blog. I use my blog as a bookmark holder as well as a blog (all those links on the right are for me as much as anyone else), so that just wouldn't do. Yes, I do intend to bring it back if the bug ever gets fixed.

Okay, so on to my weekend.

Saturday actually started very early. I had an 8AM meeting. The leadership group for my Friday Bible study met to talk about what would be involved. And I met with Nathan Monday for a follow up. I am nervous but excited to see where this leads.

Of course, I didn't get to sleep until after 1AM the night before. Not sure why. I was lying in bed. In fact, I don't seem to go to sleep until that time most nights. I'm not sure why my body has decided I need to little sleep. I'm not even sure I like it.

As long as I am complaining, what is up with our weather? I know about Jume gloom, but this is ridiculous. We're talking cloudy skies all day every day. Looks like rain, but it isn't actually raining. And we're lucky in the highs are in the low 70's. This is winter weather. Come on!

Anyway, I spent most of the morning at home, then left in the early afternoon to attend the launch party for Laura Levine's latest. Met up with Angelique. We got to chat with Joanne Fluke for a while and brouse the store. I was good and didn't buy anything. (I've made up for it since then).

I rushed from the party to another party. Saturday evening was a birthday party for my friend Kurt. We hung out, watched the babies, and ate for a while. The guys went down to the pool. I whimped out on playing watermellon rugby, but I did enjoy the spa.

Sunday morning start out with church. Then I came home and got ready for some ultimate Frisbee fun. Several weeks ago, I'd made plans to play on the beach in Santa Monica with both my roommates. They were jazzed to go. I wasn't because of the weather. Turns out it was a nice day down there. Windy, but it is the beach. I rolled my left ankle on the very first point, but I kept right on playing. Brennon and I jumped in the ocean when we were done. All in all, it was a great afternoon.

We came home and I jumped in the shower quickly before going to meet the guys for Babylon 5 night. And that's when I decided my ankle was more serious than I thought. I came home and iced it. But I was really worried since my summer league game was Monday night this week.

To be Continued....

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