Thursday, April 09, 2009

Word Association for April 9th

Yep, it's Word Association time again.

  1. Log :: Forrest
  2. Plaything :: Toy
  3. Broom :: Mop
  4. Heels :: Shoes
  5. Smoke in :: Monster on Lost (Guess what I watched last night)
  6. Guests :: Wedding
  7. Attraction :: Disneyland Ride
  8. Shiny:: New Penny (speaking of which, have you noticed the new designs on the penny? And I still haven't seen a 2009 quarter (or Hawaii quarter either))
  9. Risked :: Rewared
  10. Velvet :: Gown (Trixie Belden #29 coming into play here)


Matt said...

Gahh...Lost. I was busy yet again this Wednesday and didn't watch. I think tonight has to be a catch up night.

On the pennies, I haven't noticed anything new...I'll have to look in my till today and see if I find any. I haven't seen any 2009 quarters either, but I heard the Mint was doing US territories...I have however seen quite a few Hawaii coins.

Mark Baker said...

And you've been saving those Hawaii quarters for me, right?