Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Nightstand - April 2009 Edition

Why yes, it is the last Tuesday of April. (Hard to believe the year is flying by so fast, isn't it?) Time for this month's What's on Your Nightstand via 5 Minutes for Books.

I just finished Shark Island by Joan Druett. Review still forth coming. It's a historical fiction book set on the Exploritory Expedition the USA sent out from 1838 to 1842. This one involved a murder on a trading ship. The pacing was a bit uneven, but it was still quite enjoyable.

Today at lunch time I passed the half way point in Laura Levine's newest, Killer Cruise. Jaine Austen has landed a gig teaching memory writing on a cruise ship in exchange for a free vacation. It sounds great. That is until she finds out her room is at the bottom of the ship, her cat stows away, and someone on board is murdered. As always, this book is light and very funny.

Up next will be the newest Burn Notice tie in: The End Game by Tod Goldberg.

As I get time, full reviews will be up at my Epinions account and I will be doing mini reviews here as part of the 2009 Spring Reading Thing, so keep checking back.


morninglight mama said...

I haven't heard of any of these, but they do sound interesting. Have a great reading month!

Mark Baker said...

I hope you decide to read them and you enjoy them.

Great reading month to you, too.

Lisa Spence said...

JaIne Austen? Very interesting...