Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Review: Too Rich and Too Dead

Today's mini review is on Too Rich and Too Dead, the second Murder Packs a Suitcase mystery by Cynthia Baxter.

This book finds travel writer Mallory Marlowe traveling to Aspen, Colorado. Her assignment is to discover if non-skiers would enjoy the area, too. As part of the assignment, she's going to interview former high school acquaintance Carly Cassidy Berman the founder of Rejuva-Juice, the latest health craze.

But the morning after Mallory arrives, Carly is found dead in her health spa. Even though the two had lost touch over the years, Mallory is curious. And the plea for help from the police's suspect certainly helps. Can Mallory find the killer and research the article?

I enjoyed this book as much as the first in the series. The characters are real and Mallory is particular is likeable. I love spending time with her. The writing is so vivid you feel like you got to go on the trip, too.

The only problem I had with the book was the climax of the mystery. It was so rushed that, while all the clues and red herrings were adequately explained, the actions of the characters involved made little sense. It worked for a dramatic climax, but that seemed to be the only reason they did what they did.

Having said that, I will certainly be back for the third in the series. And I really must start reading Cynthia's other series.

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