Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mini Review: Murder in the Marais

I'm in danger of falling behind on these. Better get cracking.

Today's review is of Murder in the Marais, the first in a series by Cara Black that is set in Paris.

Set in 1993, the story follows Aimee Leduc as she gets involved in something way over her head. While a PI, she normally works computer security cases for private clients. But when a man comes in claiming to know her father, she reluctantly takes his case. All she has to do is decipher an encrypted photo and deliver it to a woman in the Jewish quarter. But when she goes to make that delivery, she finds the woman dead with a swastika carved in her forehead.

The book was okay, but it had some fundamental problems. First was the plot. Several threads weave in and out of each other. But they never quite come together. In fact, they wind up making things much more awkward at the climax then they should have been.

There were several well drawn characters in the novel. Aimee was not amoung them. That made it hard for me to get into the books as well.

However, I was really drawn in by one sub-plot and found those characters very moving.

All this left me with a mixed reaction. I would consider reading more in the series, but I won't be rushing back to do so.

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