Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mini Review: In a Gilded Cage

In a Gilded Cage is the 8th Molly Murphy mystery by Rhys Bowen. Molly is an Irish immigrant to New York City in the early 1900's. She is trying to support herself by becoming a private investigator. And she's becoming quite good at it.

This book finds her helping two graduates of Vassar Women's College. The first is Emily. Emily is an orphane who never knew her parents. She hires Molly to find out about them. The second is Fanny who wants proof that her husband is cheating on her. Things are progressing in both cases when one of the women winds up dead. Can Molly figure out who the killer is?

These books are as much about the historical detail as the mystery. And they blend the two together so well. The plot is good and kept me guessing until the end. The overall story of women's place in society is quite interesting considering the conflicts that Molly has with her boyfriend. And, as always, the characters are well developed.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Now I want to read the book! Thanks a lot Mark- I already have a reading addiction. I think your what they call a "enabler". Poor me.

Mark Baker said...

It's a great series. I really enjoy this author a lot.

And if you are looking to me to break an addiction to reading, you are out of luck. I've taken years to perfect my own addiction.