Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another Fun Weekend

Are you sensing that all the exciting stuff in my life happens on the weekends right now? There's a reason for that. All the exciting stuff in my life happens on the weekend right now. During the week, it's work and TV watching. I am watching way too many shows. I really need to give something up but I don't want to. Hopefully the networks will help me out by canceling a few of my shows. (But please, not Chuck. Anything but Chuck!)

But come the weekend, all that seems to change. And I love it.

Friday night turned into a game night for the career group. It came together at the last minute, and it was fun. It also started my weekend off on the wrong note. See, I was going to go to bed early Friday night. Real bed time? Around 1AM.

I'd like to say I slept late on Saturday, but that didn't quite happen. I got up late, however. I made it to the library for some books on tape for this coming weekend, but that was all I did productive in the morning. Mid afternoon, I headed down to Sherman Oaks for the new Ultimate game I found. Lots of fun, although the turnout was small. We played four on four the entire time. But I will be back in two weeks.

From there, it was rush home, shower, and head out again. Kurt and Kellie hosted a game night/pot luck. Okay, so they got the pot luck part right. We sat around and talked, ate, then the guys went to the hot tub for about an hour. No games were played, but it was wonderful catching up with that group of friends.

Sunday was the only day I was productive. After church and Sunday School, I came home and did three loads of laundry while watching the final disc of the second season of The Muppet Show and paying bills. That night was the second week of our Babylon 5 group over at Joe's place.

Yes, it was another crazy, fun weekend. The only bad thing was, I didn't get to read all weekend. By the time I got home, it was late and I was tired. Which is making it hard to be able to finish my book by tomorrow. But I'm certainly trying to anyway.

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