Monday, February 04, 2008

I Need a Decision Free Week

Okay, I know I joke all the time about hating to make decisions. Well, it's true. I really do. And this last week has seen me facing lots of decisions. I think I'm coming to the other side. And I am happy with the decisions I have been making. But man is it tough.

* HDTV - No, I still don't have a cell phone. But I did buy an HDTV. It started because I noticed that stores were offering 36 months no interest on TV's. Yet I wound up not going for any of those deals because I saved $300 going to Fry's to get it. I got a Samsung 720P 42" Plasma. Bought it Friday night, and so far, I love it.

* Digital TV Service - Naturally, that meant it was time to finally upgrade my cable to digital. At the time, I was just trying to decide between Time Warner service or their package that includes phone and cable. But after talking to a friend at church Sunday, I started considering AT&T's service. When I finally got prices, I determined that Time Warner had lots of hidden costs. Unfortunately, I won't get my new service for a week. I am so ready for a DVR, especially for my blogging for The Disney Blog on Monday nights.

* Disney World - I think I've mentioned that one of the Trixie communities is going to Disney World in September. Yes, the normal problem I have of no other males on the board came to the surface. I thought I had a roommate situation figured out, but it fell through (and with good reason, so that's not the issue.) But I think I am going to start putting my Epinions money toward making up the difference. It just kills me to pay an extra $250. Believe me, I am for saving money if I can.

* Parental visit - My parents are coming the end of the month/beginning of next month for a visit. And somehow, we planned too much we'd like to do during that time. To make things worse, there were lots of other things I wanted to do at the same time. But I think we've got that all squared away as well.

So, needless to say, I am looking forward to a nice quiet week. Once I figure out what to do about needing a plumber to come and fix the leak in my shower. AUGH!

That was certainly an interesting Super Bowl yesterday. I figured it would be a Patriot blowout, but I should have known better. See, I was rooting for them to end with a perfect season. And any team I root for in the Super Bowl loses. Anyway, I was rather bored, and even missed most of the 3rd quarter. But I'm glad I came back for that 4th quarter. The ending almost made up for the rest of the game. What twists! What drama!

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