Sunday, November 04, 2007

Word Association for November 4th

Welcome to this week's word association.

  1. Assets :: Liabilities + Equity
  2. Concern :: Worry
  3. Over the top :: Overacting
  4. Supplies :: Staples
  5. Mustache :: Trimmer
  6. Doug :: Boy
  7. Coach :: Carter
  8. Bleachers :: Sports
  9. Stripes :: Stars
  10. Assortment :: Random


faith said...

can I just say that I am amazed how faithful you are to your blog...I wish I could stick to posting on a regular basis.

How are the fires? are you back home? My firend Brad is caught up in the writers strike...any thoughts on that?

Mark said...

Fires are out in my area, and I only spent one night away from home.

You have another friend down here? And yet you still won't come for a visit?

And thanks for saying that. I actually feel like I am abandoning it these days. I certainly don't post as much as I once did.

faith said...

I have a freind in North Hollywood and one in San Fransisco...I would LOVE to visit all of you, but sadly I have no budget for travel.

Mark said...

Remember, I've promised to shave my head before we meet....