Friday, November 09, 2007

Not Much

You know that feeling of being busy but not having much news to report? That's me.

I'm busy keeping up with TV shows (while I can. More on my take on the strike next week). And write reviews. Which is rather funny considering I was going to take it easy and write fewer reviews this month. You didn't actually believe that, did you? Cause I did. So far, I've got 8 reviews posted this month at Epinions and 7 at Amazon with one more waiting in the wings. Ah, to really truly slow down.

The good news is that I should make the top 1000 at Epinions when they update their stats this month. They only do it once a month. I don't quite have the numbers yet, but expect to tomorrow. And it will probably be mid week next week before stats are updated. For months I've been trying to predict whether I would make it this month or next month. But I've had a huge influx of hits in the last couple of weeks, which has really helped. The only problem would be in the threshold moved up more then normal this month. So we'll have to wait until next week to see for sure.

One thing that has really helped is my review of Bee Movie. The short version? It's only okay.

Other then that, I hung out with Clint and Kurt last Friday night, which was fun. Clint starts his new job tomorrow, so I have a feeling I won't see him much any more, which will make me sad. But such is life.

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