Friday, January 12, 2007


So, I did this big life update on Tuesday, then realized I forgot somethings I wanted to blog about.

Did you hear about the youth group from Dallas that got stranded in the snow storm in Colorado over New Years? Well, that wasn't my brother and his youth group, but it was very close. Apparently, they and that bus were at a rest stop at the same time. Bro decided to seek selter in the town, while that bus kept going, slid off the road, and got stuck.

So instead of the youth group staying in a hotel and skiing, they camped out at a church for the duration of their trip until the weather cleared up and the roads cleared enough for them to drive home. God, and the church, really took care of them. Still, some people got sick. No permanent damage, however. I'm just thankful he has enough sense not to continue on when it looks dangerous out there.

Then there was last weekend when I joined Kurt, Kellie, Kenny, and Katherine (yes, I was feeling outnumbered) for a round of disc golf. It was the first time I've made it to the course here in town. It was quite nice. Only nine holes, but we played forward and backward. I came in third. Lots of fun. And the weather was so nice. Mid 70's.

Then Casey and I went to see Happily N'ever After. Definitely a movie for the kids. Not bad, but not super great either.

The weather sure has been weird around here lated. It was in the 80's earlier this week. Now it's cold. If the percipitation had materialized last night, it would have snowed. As it is, it'll be down around freezing just about every night for the next week with the highs barely reaching 55. I bet you can guess which weather I prefer.

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