Monday, October 30, 2006

Up to the Minute News

So, I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath to find out what I learned Friday.

The doctor was very encouraging. Mostly. The small holes I have do happen. It can be caused by fluid under the scar or the knot of the under stitching. If it heals on it's own, I'm fine. If it doesn't, I'm supposed to go back and he'll see if he can find the knot to remove it.

One of the holes seems to have disappeared completely. The other two are getting smaller. I think they will go away on their own. At least I hope they do.

Saturday, I got rid of the tinting on the driver's and passenger's windows. I bought a glass scrapping tool for two bucks at Wal-Mart and spent about an hour and a half doing it. Started with the driver's side. That took the most of the work because I never could get too much to peal off at once. In fact, there is still a tiny bit on one edge I just can't get to come off. But it's hidden behind the rubber surrounding the window, so you'll only notice it if you are looking for it. Most of the passenger side came off in three big pieces. After the driver's side, I was so thankful for how easy it was. Even the very edges came off with hardly any fight.

Now I just need to get the fix signed off on to get this whole ticket thing behind me.

Meanwhile, I also decided to try this tool on my sliding glass door. The tape residue used to hold up the For Sale sign was still there. Every so often, I try to take it off, but nothing really worked. This tool took it off right away. It looks so nice!

Joanne Fluke sent me the cover of the next book as well as the recipe card. Now I've got to find an excuse to make Key Lime Pie.

That's about all the news here. I forgot to do laundry yesterday, so I've had to stay up late tonight to do it. And the dryer just buzzed with the last load, so I can get to bed. Night all.

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