Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I've put off blogging for a while since I was waiting until I knew something. I'm still waiting.

Friday, I noticed that one of the strips they put over my wound when they took the staples out was wet. Looking at it further, I decided it was opened a little. I called, but the most recent surgeon was out until today. So I went into the walk in clinic. Instead of the long wait time I expected, I was right in and out. The doctor who looked at it said it was normal drainage that should clear up. Sounded great to me and I left.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be doing anything other then draining. And I've got another spot now. Both of these spots are very, very shallow.

Monday, I called to get an appointment with the doctor for today. While they would have given me one on Friday, Monday they said they couldn't. I'd have to leave a message, have him call me back, and then they might set one up for me. He finally called me back about 20 minutes ago and agreed to look at me. He's out tomorrow, so I go in Friday afternoon.

Grrr. I would have preferred going in today and knowing what's going on. But at least he's going to see me.

In other news, I went down to Mysteries to Die For this weekend and picked up an autographed book they were holding for me as well as two more. I've got to get busy reading. I've got lots of books to read before the year is up.

Other then that, I took it very easy this weekend. Napped both Saturday and Sunday. Didn't get any reviews written (and I'm pretty behind on those), but I have gotten two written in the last two days. Including the new Third Day Christmas CD. I love it!

Majesty, a musical group from the college, was at church Sunday. They did a mini concert in the morning and a full concert in the evening. I wouldn't have minded if they hadn't done some of the same songs for both. Still, I really enjoyed it.

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