Monday, July 19, 2004

What a Day Yesterday

Yesterday felt crazy to me.  Not that any of the craziness really involved me.
I got home just before two of my roommates.  One of their cars had broken down.  So instead of having an hour to myself after church, I had no time.
Then, the other of those roommates got a call.  A teen from his church that he's mentoring had just called the police on his step-dad, and he needed a place to go.  He's crashing at our place right now (with maternal concent.)  Meanwhile, that roommate had studying for summer school to do.  And since my roommate wasn't up yet, I had no where to go to read or watch any TV that I wanted to watch.  Basically, I got to play host to a stranger.
Yes, it was stressful, and I'm not completely sure why.
Once they left for church and my roommate was up, then I could do whatever I so desired.  Somehow, however, I wound up stuck in my room watching TV, even when he was on the phone.  :(
Tonight should be better.  My roommate will be up when I get home and then I can hide away in the bedroom.  I'm hoping to finish How to Murder a Millionaire tonight.  And I need to write my review of the Wonder Woman DVD set, too.
So what am I doing hanging around here for.  I'm off!  (No comment, please.)

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