Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tuesday Meme's

Hey, you guessed it.  Time for this week's Tuesday Meme's.  First up, the TV Tuesday, now at it's new home.
1.  On a whole do you feel most Special Reports are really that special?  Or are they simply annoying?  
Some are, and some aren't.  Living in LA, we often get "special reports" on car chases, high speed and low speed both.  Those have been known to just make me mad.  As when a local station spent 30 minutes searching for more looting after the Lakers won the NBA championship the first time.  But when it's a nationwide issue, I think it is special.
2.  What special report has effected you most?  (IE:  (9/11, Reagan being shot...etc)  
9/11 definitely.
3.  Do you stay tuned in for Special Reports or do you reach for the remote?  
I stay tuned for a few minutes.  If I'm interested, I'll keep watching.  Otherwise, I change the channel or turn it off.
~Bonus~  Not exactly a special report but more on special coverage.  What are your thoughts on some of the "Special Coverage" spots that have hit TV lately?  One that comes to mind for me is the 24 hour a day coverage of Ronald Reagan's body laying in state at the White House.  Something we needed to see or just plain morbid?
I guess I'm a modern media guy, but this seems like something for the all news networks, and something to be done in the background unless something major is happening.  In my mind, unless it's a Sept. 11 type of thing, the major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC)  should leave full time news to the cable networks these days.  Which I think is what they tend to do anyway.
And today, Rick has posted a Tuesday 3 from an e-mail list he's on.  Thought I'd play along.
1) What's the last thing you listened to on the radio?
News on the way in trying to get an update on the fires.  (Basically useless.  Their story didn't give me the info I wanted.)
2) What's the last program you watched on TV?
I confess.  I watched the TV's Funniest Families last night.
3) What's the last thing you prayed?
Help me get through today.

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