Monday, July 26, 2004

Sometimes I get so ahead of myself

So the whole point of my post on Friday was supposed to be that I was going to take the free visit at the chiropractor, which was the whole reason I was leaving early.  And did I actually get that far before my mind wandered off somewhere else?  Of course not.

The appointment was fine.  Basically, the only problem I have is from sitting in a chair at a desk all day.  Did do a minor adjustment which helped me out right away.  I'm going to try some of the stretches he recommended to help my back out.  Not that it's that bad to begin with.  Still, if moving them around several times a day makes my back better, I'll do it.

Saturday, I spent all day helping the Durons move stuff into storage.  I know, should have gone to the chiropractor today.  :)  It was around 100, so I was beat by the time the day was over.

Yesterday, I actually spoke in Sunday School.  Went well as far as the jr. higher's paying attention.  Hopefully they got something from my stuttering thoughts.  :)  Spoke on why God used David to defear Goliath.  Positive traits we can use in our daily lives.

And I've gotten quite a bit of reading done the last few days.  Saturday morning, before I left for the Duron's, I finished Murder Between the Covers.  You know, I still don't know what I think of this series.  The mystery was decent, but the main character is still stupid and her situation still adds so much stress to my life it's not even funny.  Still, I'm thinking about reading the third when it comes out.

As of right now, I'm half way through Your God is Too Safe, sent to me by the wonderful Faith.  We're finally to the part where he's going to stop identifing the problem and hopefully start working toward a solution.  Since he had me with the prologue, I've been ready to get to this part for a while now.

Just got off the phone with Donald and Pete.  Having lunch with Donald and Heather on my way back from Mike's wedding Sunday.  And I'll be having lunch with Pete on Wednesday.  Both sound great.

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