Sunday, July 18, 2004

News Bullitens and Word Association

Forgot a couple things yesterday.
Blogger has given us more features.  We can now change fonts and color and size and inbed pictures.  Cool!
I must give credit where credit is due.  The Dan wearing the tutu in the parade was Angelique's idea.  I wish I could claim it because it was absolutely brilliant.
Yes, we've got another wild fire in the area.  Close to work, but moving away.  It's a fairly undeveloped area, but with it only being 35% contained, it's still quite dangerous.
And now, the word assocation for today.
  1. Nostalgia:: Romantasizing the past.
  2. Irreplaceable:: Authographed books
  3. Odd:: Strange
  4. James Spader:: Actor
  5. Flamboyant:: Enthusiastic
  6. Intense:: Hard to get away from
  7. Simple:: Relaxing
  8. Septic:: Tank
  9. Ton:: Weight
  10. Turkey:: Thanksgiving

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