Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My Vacation, Part 1

I'm back!

I had a wonderful time. But I've spent all night trying to catch up with my on-line life and ignorning the suitcase behind me needing to be unpacked. There's always tomorrow, right?

So I thought I'd give you a description of my vacation. Starting with Thursday night. :)

Things went very well with the kids that night. As I'm going through my long winded, rambling speech, I had a couple ask if I was leaving. When I said no, they looked relieved. This just confirms my opinion that now would be the worst possible time for me to think about leaving for that reason, not to mention loosing the Durons.

Friday - I have no recollection of turning my alarm off. But there is was, turned off when I woke up half an hour later then I was supposed to. Which, naturally, made me half an hour late leaving. I had allowed plenty of time to get to the airport, so I only worried half as much as I would have other wise. Found the shuttle in Van Nuys and took that instead of parking at LAX itself. Saved me half as much money plus we used the car pool lane, which probably saved me time as well. Got to the airport, checked in, through security, just as they were about ready to board the plane. Not a lot of time to spare, but I made it! :) While on my way up, I finished We'll Always Have Parrots (LOVE IT!) and started Slip Cue. I arrived and wandered around the Seattle airport a little waiting for the others to arrive. That's when I found the problem with our plan. We were to meet up at the Enterprise Rent A Car counter. But there were two of them! Fortunately, we found each other fine without it.

The rest of the day involved driving up to Birch Bay and finding and settling into the condos where the majority of the group was staying. My family arrived last and we didn't connect until after dinner, when Mike and Zoe picked me up and took me to the trailer park where we were staying about 15 minutes away.

I really had intended to get further then this tonight, but it's late and I'm tired. More updates to come, promise!

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