Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Memories of the TV Past

Yep, it's time for the TV Tuesday for this week.  And the theme this week is memories.

1. What's your fondest memory of something on TV?
Watching Babylon 5 with Debbie and Josh, I guess.  Of course, that's more about the who then the what was actually on.

2. What's the first show you remember watching regularly?
This one's the easiest one this week.  Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

3. What is the (pick one: stupidest, saddest, silliest, most disgusting..) thing you've ever seen on TV?
Just about every reality dating show on TV.  And it applies to all of them.  The ads are enough to send me running to a different channel.

~Bonus~ (From the hubby! LOL) What's the best series finale you remember?
I'm really trying hard not to go with Friends since it was so recent, but I really liked it.  Left me with the right feeling of melocoly that it's all over and sorry to see it go (even though I was ready for it to go.)  Kinda of the warm fuzzies with a sad edge to them.  I tend to not like finale's that leave you wondering "What?" or that try to change the point of the series for one final laugh.

Speaking of which, I also like the Babylon 5 finale.  It's sad, but the right ending to the series.

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