Friday, July 23, 2004

Leaving Work Early!

I'm leaving work in 30 minutes!  Of course, I skipped lunch to do it, so there is a downside.

And it relates to something I forgot to blog about Wednesday.  I'm finally taking advantage of the free message and chiropractic appointment I won back in April.  The message was Tuesday's lunch hour and today is the appointment.  Really enjoyed the message.  I can see why people like them so much.

Other then that, not really much else to report.

Last night's youth group was interesting.  The couple who was supposed to be running game time didn't show up, and the youth pastor thought they'd be there.  Meanwhile, we worship leaders were planning on that time to get everything together since one of us had been on vacation.  Basically, we didn't have an organized game time last night.  We let them hang out for half an hour, sang, did the study, etc., then let them hang out with soccer balls and Frisbees for another half hour.  Could have been worse, but not the best either.

So that's what's news in this corner of the universe.

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