Thursday, July 01, 2004

Just popping in for a minute

Trying to finish off something at work before I take off for almost a week, so thought I'd pop in here while I'm waiting for my co-worker to finish up her part of it.

Yes, I'm going to Washington State and leave bright and early tomorrow morning. Like 6 AM, I hope. Meeting up with Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis-in-law to be, my uncle and aunt and a bunch of her family. Should be loads of fun.

Last night, however, was a thanks to the staff party at the Duron's. They fed us dinner and had little gifts for us. Mine was a small guitar pick (in green!) with a vs. about praising God on it. Of course, since they just wrote on it, I'm afraid to use it to play for fear of rubbing it off. I'm thinking about finding a little frame for it when I get back so I can put it someplace and not loose it.

I led worship for a little while, too, which was fun.

Then I took off for my ultimate game. Got down there with only a few points left to play. We won 17-11 or something like that. Played three points, however, so I feel it was worth it. Especially since in one point, they threw me the disc, I caught it, and passed it on to someone else. Good confidence booster! Hey, I'll take it where I can get it!

On the way home, however, I think it really hit me. I'm not sure how I will take the next month as the Durons actually leave. I'm going to just have to keep giving it to God.

This proves that I'm still fairly emotional. Should make tonight interesting as I talk to the jr. highers involved in Saturday's incident for the first time since I left.

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