Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I really don't have anything to say

Honest. Life the last couple of days has been quiet. In fact, Monday night I had the place all to myself, which was nice. Took advantage by finishing up the Tomorrowland DVD set.

Tonight, I finished Your God is Too Safe. Faith, I owe you big time. Think I need to reread it in about six months. Hopefully, I can absorb more then.

I thought I had an exciting moment for a little while tonight. I caught a personalized liscense plate driving home from work that said Bbylon5. Naturally, my first that was Babylon 5, one of my favorite TV shows. Could it be the car of the creator of the show? Didn't look like him through the window. And, considering it was a little car, and I think a Kia at that, probably not. In fact, the more I thought about it after I turned, I bet it was another fan. But it was still pretty cool.

Saw a report on TV about a new computer program the FBI is using to potentially predict crime. Anyone see Minority Report? Scares me.

Well, I need to go finish packing. Hope everyone has fun at Trixie Camp. See you when I get back from my brother's wedding.

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