Thursday, July 08, 2004

Catching Up on Memes

You know, I'm not sure going on vacation is worth it. You wind up with so much to catch up on. Like internet stuff. Right now, I need to do my three memes for the week, so let's get started.

First up, Sunday's word association.

  1. Resignation:: Nixon
  2. Coupling:: Failed TV Show
  3. Grounded:: for Life
  4. Habit:: Burger joint near me
  5. Chainsaw:: Tree
  6. Rental:: Property
  7. Deleted:: Gone
  8. Online personals:: No better then Newspaper ones
  9. Penguin:: “Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps”
  10. Offend:: Someone

Next up is the TV Tuesday for this week.

1. Daytime TV: "Gimme my soaps", "Talk shows please", "More of a Game show person", or "Home shows are best!!"
Game shows are a fun way to waste time. Which is why I wish I got GSN at night.

2. One of the latest trends in Daytime TV is re-runs of 80's & 90's hit shows, what is your favorite that's re-running now? If you don't have one which show would you like to see re-running?
I have no clue what’s even on right now. If Scarecrow and Mrs. King were on, I’d probably tape that. Or Greatest American Hero. Of course, I was going to tape and watch Dick van Dyck this summer, wasn’t I? That hasn’t happened yet.

3. What's your all time favorite day time show?
I really haven’t watched enough to know.

~Bonus~ There's lots of noise about Daytime soaps pushing the limits of what's acceptable on TV, but the soaps claim they're just keeping up with changes in society, so which is it? Are the soaps over the edge? Or has society brought it on itself?
It’s a catch-22. Society goes a little further, so TV in general tries to go a little further, so society goes a little further. So my answer? It’s a vicious circle.

And finally, today's Thursday Threesome, brought to us by weird thoughts and The Back Porch.

From "Random Lines In E-mail" we have this week's T-3:

::Not so much easy as addicted...::

Onesome: Not so much-- --to do now that school is out for the students? ...or maybe a little too much to do for those student's parental units? What are you up to this July? Back for Summer Sessions? to the beach? ...headed out on a weekend adventure? Surely you must be doing something!
Well, there’s the vacation I just got back from and my brother’s wedding at the end of the month. Other then that, nothing.

Twosome: easy as-- Pie? Sure, how about your favorite pie? ...and hey, homemade versus store bought! Would you rather have Mom's Apple Pie or head on over to Marie C's for a slice of heaven there?
My favorite pie was Baker’s Square’s Chocolate Mint Silk Supreme. Now that they don’t have that any more, it’s the Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme I can’t have any more because of my nut allergy. I also love apple pie. In fact, I love a sour cream apple pie Mom used to make. So, as you can tell, I’ll eat any pie no matter where it comes from.

Threesome: addicted-- Okay, what is it you are addicted to, that element of your life you simply cannot do without. Reading? The Net? Little porcelain dolls? Oh, yeah: Money? Nah, make it something you'd spend your spare change on...
Reading. The internet, although I did survive my trip without it. It seems like TV, although I didn’t watch my tape last night. In stead, I got on the internet. :)

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