Monday, July 12, 2004

Busy Weekend, I Guess

I figured I hadn't had enough of a break from the internet with my out of state vacation. So I didn't get on this weekend, either.

Either that, or I was just too busy doing other stuff and never got around to getting on. I think we'll go with option two.

Saturday morning, I just lazed in bed for quite awhile after I got up reading. In fact, I completely read the second half of my book this weekend. So, naturally, I had to start The Mysterious Code last night. Get it finished in time for book 8 to come out in a couple weeks!

Anyway, the career group from Placerita was having a BBQ Saturday afternoon. It was at a house here in the canyon where the college is. They have a pool, too. We had a great time hanging out and swimming. Actually, it's the first thing I've done with them in months. They just seemed to plan things on the worst possible nights for me. But three of us stuck around talking until about 9 at night. As I said, lots of fun.

Sunday wasn't as fun, however. It was the Duron's last Sunday at church. Have I mentioned recently how much I'm going to miss them? I gave them the guitar Christmas ornament I found for them in Victoria, and they really seemed to like it. And I managed not to break down in tears in front of anyone, either. Although I came close when writing the note I also gave them. I really can't believe how hard I'm taking this. Maybe it's because I never realized how much I depended on them before. Just knowing I could call them if I needed help brought peace of mind, which is up and moving to Idaho.

I know God will bring someone else to take their place in my life. I just wish I knew who that was right now.

Have I mentioned that patience isn't a virtue I have in abundance?

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