Saturday, July 17, 2004

About Yesterday's Post. Or. That's Fiction!

For those of you not in the Trixie community, yesterday's post was most fictional.  The part that was true?  Unfortunately, the part about my ultimate Frisbee game Thursday night.  The false part?  The part where I went to Disneyland.
You see, we're pretending that all of the Trixie characters are visiting us before the convention.  Dan and Jim are only real in our imaginations.  I wish I could have had the day I described, however.
So what did I really do yesterday?  Worked.  :(  Not much of excitement there.  Then came home and enjoyed relaxing and doing nothing.  Watched a new episode of Monk, but that was the highlight of the day.  Nice day, but Disneyland would have been funner.
Today, I got a hair cut and picked up the package from Faith.  Now, I'm off to Pasadena for a book signing and a party at a friend's about a dozen blocks away.  Already looking better then yesterday!

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