Thursday, July 11, 2019

Parents in Town for the 4th

My parents came to town for the 4th of July.  I had to work on Friday (no vacation time since I’ve started a new job), but they knew this before they came down.  They still figured this gave us more time together than if they came for a regular weekend.

We stayed fairly close to home for most of the visit.  Played lots of games, including a new one that I won all but one game of.  I love that game!

We did go out to see the fireworks on Thursday night, or at least try to.  I was scared of how crowded I figured things would be at the mall, so I took us to a park a little ways away.  Unfortunately, the fireworks were so low that the trees hid most of them.  However, we did get to enjoy some illegal fireworks that were much closer and very impressive.

Sunday, we headed down to the other end of Los Angeles to a baby shower for some family friends from home.  We were the only friends at the friends and family shower, but that was fine because it gave us lots of time to catch up with everyone who was there.  Don’t get to spend enough time with them all.

They stayed with me again, which is working well.  It is convenient that we are all in the same place, although I would usually spend some time with them in their trailer.  And, it’s cheaper for them, obviously.  An added benefit of not having a roommate.  Plus is gives me motivation to clean the place occasionally.

Monday, they went home while I was at work.  It was a great visit.

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