Friday, July 12, 2019

Losses Continue

This last Monday was my latest summer league ultimate Frisbee game.  And it was another loss.

We actually had 10 people show up, although two of them were subs and not regular members of our team.  Still, it was a welcome change from the week before to not have to play every single point. 

The other team had several friends of mine out it, so it was nice to see them.  But it wasn’t at all a close game.

We were tied at 1-1, I think, but we weren’t close much after that.  We finished at 7-15.  They threw zone at us early, and we just couldn’t counter it.

I did feel like I was doing well in the game.  I can’t remember any turn overs I was involved in period.  And yes, I was thrown to several times.

Our game finished so fast, that I hung out afterwards.  Threw the disc around a bit and chatted with friends.  Watched the final point of the final game.  Then I went out to the bar afterwards, where I talked until late.  I should have gone to bed much earlier than I did, but that’s the story of my life these days, it seems.

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