Thursday, May 02, 2019

Final Regular Week of Beach League (and More Ultimate)

This last Saturday was the final week of regular games of beach league.  We had two games as always, and we once again had a mixed result, we lost the first and won the second.

My frustration was getting anyone else to focus on the game.  Our two captains and their usual sub were all gone.  The guy who is normally trying to lead things just wasn’t focused for that first game.  It was actually painful trying to get him to pay attention as he wander here and there talking about his past glories in the game and family history and this and that and anything but the actual game we were currently playing.  Fortunately, he did seem to focus more on the second game, which I think helped.

Not that he was the driving force behind our win, but we all seemed more focused that game, which helped all the way around.

And both were hard fought games.  We made the first game close, and the second was closer than I would have liked it to be even if we did win.

We are third going into the tournament this weekend.  Unfortunately, with six teams, only the top two teams get first round byes, and we are starting earlier than normal.  I’m going to have to be there are 9 AM, which means leaving the house even earlier to pick up the people I carpool with.  I’m not looking forward to that.

Anyway, that wasn’t all the ultimate I got this last Saturday.  After a couple of hours at home, I went back out to the LA Aviator’s game.  This is the men’s professional ultimate team, and I like trying to make some of their games each season.  This was their second home game and the first chance I’d had to watch them play this year.  It seems like I always go when they are playing San Diego, but they were actually playing San Jose this time, which was fun.  Even better, they won!  They got a few breaks, but the teams mostly traded points, so it wasn’t exciting in that regard, but there were some great plays and it was just fun.

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