Friday, March 29, 2019

Week One of Beach League

Last Saturday marked the beginning of beach league for the spring.

Because of the drama with my thermostat, I missed most of it.  (I told you these three posts were all tied together, didn’t I?)  I was waiting to hear if they were going to come take a look at it on Saturday.  Once I told them they were supposed to be somewhere else, I finally got told to head on down to Santa Monica.  (They eventually settled on coming on Sunday.)  So I arrived at half time for the only game of the day.  I wasn’t that upset about missing the pickup they always have to give the captains an idea of who the guys are while they pick the teams.  That always goes on much longer than it should.

Anyway, when it arrived, we were down 2-6.  We finished the game 3-11.  Yeah, it was bad.

Not that we looked bad while we were playing.  It was just the missed throw that was just out of reach or the overthrown deep shot.  Hopefully, we will start cleaning that up as the season goes along.

What is funny is two of my friends are on the team, and I didn’t even realize it.  I didn’t know they had signed up, so I wasn’t looking for them.  I thought it was them, but they were wearing shirts that I know they don’t have.  Turned out, they had borrowed them.  Anyway, I’ll blame the fact that I was focused on my thermostat and arriving so late.  Yeah, that was the problem.

The guys seem nice, so hopefully it will be a good team and we’ll have fun.

The weather was nice and warm down there.  Warmer than it was at home, in fact.  It’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

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