Thursday, March 28, 2019

Family Visits

I’ve had family in town the last two Saturdays.  My parents took my niece and nephew out to Palm Springs for spring break, and they stopped in town both ways.

Saturday before last, they were in town all day.  They drove down Friday, although they hit bad traffic and got in later than planned.  Still, we were able to hang out all day.  I even took my niece and nephew on a brief tour of town, took them to church, my condo, and where I work.  We only got out at my condo, but since neither of them had ever been there, it was nice.

Last Saturday, they were only in town a few hours since they left Palm Springs that day.  Still, we got to hang out at my parent’s trailer for a few hours, have dinner, and play a couple of quick games.  It was great to see them both times.

Now, if you read yesterday’s post about my heater adventures, you’ll note that I was having issues both Saturdays.  Fortunately, that didn’t interfere with the visits.  I’d warned them, so if they were fixing my unit the first Saturday, they would have hung out at the condo for longer than the few minutes we were there.  However, the guy was in and out first thing, so I didn’t have to hang around the condo for him.  They were talking about coming out to look at my thermostat the next Saturday, but that got pushed back to Sunday, so again, I was free to do whatever we decided to do.  Hanging out at the trailer is the usual when my parents have that, so it wasn’t a surprise that’s what we did.

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