Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Winter League So Far

I’m back to playing ultimate Frisbee Winter League this year.  I’m playing with the friends I play pick up with here in town.  And here’s the shocker.  So far, after three games, we are 3-0!

Yes, you read that right.  The person who complains about losing all the team is on an undefeated team!  We are one of only two teams that are 3-0 right now.  Okay, so we’ve been playing teams that are filled with more inexperienced players, but that means they are about our level.  I expect, once we run through those teams, we’ll start playing harder teams and start to lose.  But we are currently 3-0.

To be put that perspective, that gives us more wins already this season than my spring beach and summer league teams had last year.  Combined.

I actually missed our first game because it was the night before my recent medical tests, and I had to be home doing some prep for them.  I’ve made the other two games, however.

The second game was in the middle of a week of heavy rain.  Since we play on turf these days, that didn’t cancel the games.  And, while I was prepared for it to pour, we got a break in the rain while we played, which was nice.  The team we played that night was very inexperienced.  We beat them handily, 15-4.  I played more than I normally would in this game, and I got the disc several times.  I did turn it over once, but I also caught the game winning score.

Our game last week was much closer.  It was 15-12.  While I played several points, I only was thrown the disc once.  Fortunately, I caught it and successfully passed it on, which gives me perfect stats for the week!

As I said, I suspect our games will start to get harder from here on out, but for now I am very happy.  It will be interesting to see if the team starts sniping at each other more as the losses pile up.  I sure hope not.

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