Friday, April 13, 2018

Week 3 of Beach League

We’re almost ready for week 4 of beach league (tomorrow), but I haven’t talked about week 3 yet.

We were at a different location.  There was a beach tournament going on, so they moved our location to be next to it.  I’m not sure why exactly since it wasn’t like anyone stayed around when we were done.

It also meant I had to pay for parking.  Normally, I park several blocks away and walk down, but since I’m parking in a neighborhood, it is free.  In this case, I was running late, so I had to park somewhere I knew I could park.  It wasn’t as bad as the lot right next to the beach, at least.

I wasn’t in trouble for arriving late since I was our second sub.  Two teams still had decent sized teams, but our team was very small.  For our second game, we were down to one sub, and we played the other team that only had one sub.

And, we lost both of our games.  Again.  I know, I could have just led with that and been done with it, right?  But it was a warmer day on the beach, so I’m not complaining.  And, at this point, I’ve pretty much given up on us winning.

Since we had so few subs, I got lots of play time.  And my hamstrings were very sore when I got up the next morning, so I didn’t play pick up last Sunday.  Still went out and enjoyed the weather for a little while, however.

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