Monday, April 02, 2018

Beach League Week 2

We kept our streak alive and went a perfect 0-2 in our second week of beach league.

And, honestly, the games weren’t that close.  Oh, they started out close, but I think the most points we scored was 6 to the other team’s 13.  We were down a few players from last week, but a few who hadn’t been there the first week were there including my friend Russell.  We wind up on the same team quite a bit, and it never really goes well.  Not that we don’t get along, but our teams have better records when we are on different teams.

It was also cool.  We’d had warm weather here most of the week with temps hitting the mid to upper 80’s.  As a result, I didn’t even pay attention to weather predictions before heading out, and I showed up to foggy, mid-50’s weather with only shorts and a T-Shirt.  Definitely should have brought my running pants and a sweat shirt.  I was okay when I was running, but when I stopped I got cold quickly.

Because we were down in numbers, I did wind up playing more than I might have.  I did okay.  One drop due to miscommunication (I didn’t think the guy was going to throw it to me).  A couple of times they threw it over my head due to wind.  But I also caught a few, and every one I caught I successfully passed on.

Not the best day of beach league, but I was at the beach, which is always a plus.

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