Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rugged Maniacs 2017

I’ve been neglecting this place again, haven’t I?  Time to start catching up.

A month ago (as I said, time to start catching up), I finally got to do Rugged Maniacs.  This is one of the national mud run companies, and I hadn’t done one yet.  This one was perfectly timed for me since it was the weekend after beach league ended and it was just up the road in Castaic.  I was even able to get two friends to do it with me.

Sadly, I’d been sick the couple of days before, but I was feeling better that day, so I went.

And I had a blast.  They had some different obstacles, like lily pad jumping, that I haven’t seen before.  Even though I’ve done another mud run at the same location, this one was laid out differently.  And they ended with a warped wall.  It was about the same height at the one on America Ninja Warrior.  Both of my friends got up it on their own.  I had to have some serious help, but I still felt accomplished getting up it at all.

This is definitely one I’ll be looking to do again.  Hopefully, they’ll be back in Southern California some time other than the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which is the date they’ve had in the past.

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