Thursday, June 22, 2017

And Then He Got Sick

I’d mentioned in my post about the mud run I did in May being sick right before it.  Apparently, I wasn’t quite over it because I got sick again on the 21st.  This time, the fever was accompanied by a cough.  I took another couple days off work, trying to rest up, but that cough just kept coming even after the fever went away.

I didn’t let it interfere with my plans to go to visit my family over Memorial Day Weekend.  I had a good trip up there if a busy one.  In addition to visiting my family, I drove several hours Sunday afternoon and spent Sunday night with my uncle and aunt.  I finally got to see their new place.  It’s wonderful, and I must admit to being jealous.  I do wish it were closer.

But I spent most of my nights up there coughing through the night and sleeping fitfully.  Fortunately, I wasn’t keeping anyone up with my coughing.  I’d gone to see my doctor, and he thought it was a virus, but he did give me a prescription for an anti-biotic, which I eventually started taking.  I’m not sure if it is that, or if it had finally run its course, but I think I’m finally beating it.  I still cough occasionally, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.  Unfortunately, running seems to make it worse, which has been fun with my mud runs the last two weeks and playing ultimate Frisbee.  Still, I’m pleased to finally be on the getting better side of things.

The worst part of the whole thing?  The 21st was the day I was going to use the last day of a 3 day Disneyland pass I'd bought back in February.  It expired that week, so I can't just use it now, too.  Majorly bummed about that.

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