Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rest of the Weekend

No, just doing the mud run wasn't enough for my weekend.  I was actually pretty busy last weekend.

For one thing, I didn't come back home after my mud run on Saturday.  Instead I headed to the Burbank/Glendale area and met up my my parents, who were in town for the weekend, and some family friends.  We hung out and visited, had dinner, and then went to Glendale Centre Theatre where another friend joined us to see Anything Goes.  I'd never seen the play before, but I really enjoyed it.  Pretty funny and some very fun song and dance numbers.  I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn't get too tired to enjoy the day.

Sunday, I spent the day with my parents.  No ultimate, but we did go to church and then back to their trailer to play games.  It was a very fun day.

They swung through town on their way back from a longer trip.  They knew about the mud run before they decided to come, after all, I had signed up for it back in February.  The play and everything there came together after they decided to come, however, which worked out well.

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