Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer League Week Three

We won!!!!!!

Wednesday night was our third game.  And just in case you missed the news, WE WON!!!!!!

Actually, we started out to a quickly lead at 2-0.  Then we pretty much traded points in the first half until it was 8-5.

It was the second half where they started their comeback.  They chipped away at our lead until it was 13-13.  The 13-13 point was incredibly long.  We’re talking major turn over after major turn over.  Finally, we got the point.

Games are to 15, win by two, cap at 17.  We kept trading points.  Fortunately, we were the ones to score first because the final score was 17-16.  Yes, we won!  Meanwhile, the lights stayed on late for us, which I really appreciated when the game was over.  Mind you, I was hoping we’d get the lights to go out every time we were ahead.

I played quite a few points in the first half, not as many in the second half.  There was one guy they always put in against me, and I was able to get the disc a few times and pass it on.  One turnover, he jumped on someone else, and I was poached pretty much the rest of the point.  I didn’t score, but I was helping move the disc down the field.

Unfortunately, I got my first turnover of the season.  It was a nice, easy throw, and I dropped it.  And they turned around and score off of that.  However, considered I’ve dropped one disc after three games, I’m pretty happy with that as well.

Yes, I was low after that first game, but I’m glad I stuck around because it’s been fun.  And I’m so encouraged from our win.  I hope there are more in our future this season.

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