Monday, February 08, 2016

One More Game

So I played ultimate Winter League this last week.  It turns out that several of the guys who made the team got sick, so the call was sent out to us second stringers to come and play.  Of the ones I know he contacted, I was the only one who showed up since the others had things going on.  Or I have no life.  Or some such things.

I didn't play very many points at all.  It was way too awkward since I was out there on the field with those who are paying for the privilege.  But I did play a few points.  Only got scored on once, and the only time I got the disk, I successfully moved it up the field for a major gain.

However, I shouldn't have gone.  It just hurt too much.  I want to be out there on a weekly basis, not called in because of a crisis.  I think I will turn down any future cries for help, although there probably won't be that many more since I know several die hards were among the missing for that game.

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