Friday, April 17, 2015

Down and Dirty Mud Run 2015

So, why didn’t I play pick up ultimate on Sunday?  I’m very glad you asked.  I did a mud run Sunday morning instead.

Yes, that also means I skipped church.  (Bad, Mark.  Bad!)

This is one just up the road from me, and two friends wanted to do it with me, how could I pass it up?

Even with how close it is, I’ve only ever done it one other time (due to always being on a Sunday).  It was pretty much how I remembered it from two years ago, but that’s not a bad thing.  It was a lot of fun.  The hills are pretty tough, especially the last one, but the views from the top are spectacular.  Plus the inflatable slide is very fun.  The mud was a bit weak and runny, but that was a minor issue.

Due to the drought, they took out the ice plunge obstacle, which was no big loss at all.  Man, those can be cold!  They also had us clean off in the lake, which is honestly always my first choice.

The weather was warm, almost too warm, but the day was lots of fun.  All three of us enjoyed it, although we were tired when we were done.  Between how much I was out on Saturday and this on Sunday, I stayed home and got some things done Sunday afternoon.  So it was a crazy busy weekend, but it was also a fun weekend.

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That Loud Redhead said...

You're a nut!! I would rather run 26 miles than run in mud, lol! Congrats on doing it!