Monday, February 02, 2015

A Second Win!

And now you know why I don’t write stories for a living.  My title are full of spoilers.

Yes, we won our second ultimate Frisbee game on Thursday night.  We were playing a team that doesn’t have one win after three years in the league.  Yet it was a very hard fought battle.  We took half 8-3, but then we let them really catch up in the second half.  It was tied a couple of times before we finally won 16-14.  But we won!

And I felt like I got to do something to help out, too.  First of all, I played more than two points.  Yes, we have that many guys on the team.  I only caught the disc once, and even then it wasn’t being thrown to me, but I was able to catch the over throw, and I passed it on successfully. 

It was also fun because we were playing a team with a guy I know fairly well on it.  JV and I have been guarding each other since my first summer league in 1999.  He got the disc much more than I did, but he was playing a different position, so he was supposed to.

Most importantly, both teams were relaxed, even when the score got so close.  Yes, we were both playing hard to win, but there was no poor sportsmanship (like a certain game that aired on national TV yesterday).

All told, it was a fun evening that I really enjoyed.

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