Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Month Old Concert Report

After my last mud run of the year, I went to a concert.  I know, that was a month ago and I’m just now talking about it.  That just shows how far behind I’ve let myself get.

And this in no way reflects how glad I am I went to the concert.

The mud run I did that morning was half way between home and the concert, so after getting cleaned up, I didn’t go home but straight to the concert site.  I found a nice shady spot and parked and read.  It was a pretty great afternoon.

I’d been eyeing the tickets sales on line, and I knew the seat I really wanted.  It was off to the side but still front row just cheaper than front and center.  It was still available at the door, so I bought it.

And the artists?  Steven Curtis Chapman, Laura Story, and Jason Gray.  I’m big fans of the guys, so I was super jazzed.  And I became a fan of Laura’s before the night was out, too.  Still not a fan of the CD of hers I’d already bought, but her other two are great.

The evening started with Steven coming out and doing “The Great Adventure” before introducing Jason who did a few songs.  Then Laura did a few.  Finally Steven did a medley of some of his hits over the years before intermission.

Once we came back it was all Steven all the time.  He mostly did songs from his new CD, but he did mix in a few classics.

Honestly, I do have a huge complaint.  It could have been much longer.  I really would have liked to hear more from Jason and Steven.  Once I’ve listened to Laura’s CD’s a couple more times, I’m sure I would feel the same about her.  Still, it was a great evening, and I am so glad I went.  I’ve seen Jason a couple of times before touring with downhere, but I’d only seen Steven in concert once.  It was at the Anaheim stadium or whatever it is called where the hockey team plays.  It was a good concert, but I couldn’t see a thing.  This time, my seat was awesome!

No, I probably shouldn’t have been spending the money with my car repairs and all, but it was so worth it.

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