Saturday, September 07, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for September 7th

Summer Camp – Really, was there any question who would win?  I was expecting the guys all along.  I’m curious why they brought the rest of the campers back unless it was to give away the prize at the end.  Oh, and something tells me it was really two or three weeks instead of all summer like they keep talking.

Covert Affairs – Another intense episode.  Annie is in some serious trouble even if she can get to Henry first.  And what is Auggie going to do?  Still no idea why they had to give us the teaser – twice – about Annie being shot.  This season is intense enough as it is.

Suits – So we’ve ended the murder trial.  But I have a feeling things are going to be just as messy next week if not more so.  Poor Jessica has been so used at this point.  Still, it was nice to see them all in the courtroom.  And Donna getting to deliver the bad news twice?  Priceless.

Melissa & Joey – Well, it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it might be.  Still, I’m not happy about the drunk/love potion portion of getting them together.  At least it doesn’t look like it will stick, so I may keep watching.

Royal Pains – The fallout from Hank’s drug use continues, which is a good thing at least.  It’s better than just moving on to something else.  Poor Paige with Evan winning.  I fee so sorry for her.  Something tells me we are going to have several big cliffhangers next week.

Wipeout – A few pretty funny moments, although I was very disappointed with the Disney prince.  He gave all of us DisNerds a bad name.

Burn Notice – They are teasing that someone dies before it is all over.  Sorry, but that’s not going to make me happy.  But it won’t be Fi, at least not right away.  She’s just too obvious.  They had better really turn things around by next week.  That’s all I’m saying.

Graceland – You don’t think that maybe, just maybe, the tape will prove you acted in self-defense against a stupid agent?  But instead you have to try to destroy evidence and run?  However, it makes for better TV, and I am certainly curious to see how they are going to wrap things up, if they even are, next week.

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