Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for September 14th

Covert Affairs – Looks like I was right.  The opening scene of the season is also going to be our summer break cliffhanger.  I’m just glad we’ve only got a few weeks to wait for the fall season to start.  I was shocked when they killed Teo.  All bets are going to be off now to get Henry.

Suits – And the drama continues.  I was not expecting all of them to be sued for malpractice, although I can certainly see it.  But the dysfunction is something we love.  And Rachel and Mike?  How can such a smart guy be so stupid?

Royal Pains – I was expecting major cliffhangers, and they didn’t deliver.  Not that I’m complaining.  They wrapped up most of the storylines this season.  I am glad to see that Evan and Paige are going to work on their marriage.  Obviously, I love that couple.  I was afraid with the marriage not being valid they’d just decide to split.  I’m most curious to see what Hank will be like when he returns next summer.  And how surprising is it to find a summer season of the show that actually represents a summer.  This is a first.

Wipeout – The hotties did worse than normal, but my favorite was the unhappy Lost fan.  Seeing as how I agree with him much of the time, is it really a surprise?  And the jokes they managed to make from that show were great.

Burn Notice – I was so worried when they started talking about killing one of the characters.  Fortunately, I had guessed they might do exactly what they did, so I was prepared and okay with it.  Still, those were some emotional scenes as the characters said goodbye.  What that means is that overall, I did like it.  And I love the little things they throw in to fans like the references to the opening, C4, and yogurt.  Well done.

Graceland – A good wrap up of many of the plots, although I'm not sure how I feel about Briggs seeming to get away with everything until the cliffhanger.  I'm going to have to see how I'm feeling next summer.  I might be back, or I might say it was a great first season and leave it at that.

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