Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Family Excitement

Last week, my brother had an emergency appendectamony.  I got a text about it Monday night as they were waiting for the surgery to start.

No, I didn’t go up or anything.  Thanks to phone calls and text messages, I was able to keep up on what was happening.  Isn’t modern technology grand?  He has had some complications, but his surgeon has things under control now, and he is on the slow road to recovery.

The ironic thing in all this is that he is now the age I was when I had my appendix out seven years ago.  Don’t know if that’s a sign of anything or not.  We think it was just a coincidence, but it is funny.

As I say, he is doing better now, although he isn’t recovering as quickly as he would like.

Meantime, I got to have dinner with my parents last night.  They are heading down to a wedding in the extended family this weekend, so they stopped on their way by.  Actually, we had dinner in Burbank after I got out of work.  After we’d eaten, we sat on a bench and chatted for another couple hour.  It was a great visit.

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