Saturday, June 08, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for June 8th

Melissa & Joey – I’m kind of surprised they didn’t have Mel and Joe dating a divorced couple before now.  It was actually a very funny episode.  And the poor nephew.  I could see his sub-plot coming since everyone would think staying at home means isolation, but it was pretty funny.  Especially when he created a school with kids too cool for him to sit with.

Burn Notice – I hadn’t heard about the mini-Heroes reunion with the two guest stars on the show.  I’m surprised they’ve jumped ahead like that, but I think it is going to work well for them.  And I’m very curious to see how this all wraps up since we know this is the final season.  For that matter, I wonder if it is a split season or if we’ll get it all at once.

Graceland – Okay, so it probably would have helped if I had sat down and watched it all straight through, but it was a bit hard to track who all the characters are, the agencies the work for, and their relationships to each other.  Still, this one has promise with the creative way the main character was thinking on his feet.  I’ll definitely give it another few weeks at a minimum.

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