Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for June 15th

Melissa & Joey – My DVR didn’t get the memo that there were two episodes, but fortunately I’d heard.  I knew how they were going to catch the guy in the first one, but I still loved it.  And the second?  Way too fast for me, but still pretty funny.

Royal Pains – They are setting up the soap for this season between Hank’s pain pill addiction and Divya’s pregnancy.  And this neighbor will be an interesting twist as well.  Wonder how long they are going to play out the mystery of Boris’ “death” and all it means.

Necessary Roughness – So how will TK still be on the show with the focus moving elsewhere.  Plus both kids are gone.  They are really streamlining the show.  The Hawks were one of my favorite parts, so I wonder what I will think of it after the next few episodes happen.  Certainly interested in seeing more of John Stamos and wondering how much David Anders will be around.

Burn Notice – I felt so sorry for Michael at the end of the episode.  I completely get where Fi is coming from, but it was hard to watch.  Still rooting for them to get back together in the final 11 episodes.  Great use of code there to save her life.  How much of the show will take place in South America and how much will take place back in Miami?  Certainly looks like the gang will be heading south to help at this point.

Graceland – I have a feeling this will be much less case of the week but some longer stories with the biggest story of all being what is Mike’s trainer hiding?  Those are the only two I’m feeling any connection for at the moment, but they’ve also had the biggest screen time.  Didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as last week, but I’ll keep watching.

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