Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer League Week 2

And on Monday, I had my second summer league game of the year.  So if you are keeping track, I was running for three days in a row for various things.  Sure am thankful my legs are used to it these days.

In fact, my legs weren’t that sore from the weekend on Monday.  I did notice a bit of shin soreness, but it wasn’t that bad, which made me thankful and happy at the same time.

Anyway, it was a very hard fought game.  Neither team got up by more than a point in the first half.  Usually they were ahead, sometimes we were ahead.  They took half at 9-8 and scored right away at half, but then we came back to tie it up.  And we had some very long points, too with lots and lots of turn overs.

This kept up until we got to 13’s.  Then we just couldn’t get it together and they scored 4 in a row to win 13-17.

On a personal front, I was not as much a part of things as I was the week before.  One point in the second half, I successfully got the disc and passed it on again.  However, a couple points later, my defender swapped a disc down before I could get it (although I would argue that I couldn’t have gotten it given his position at all, but others would say I should have gone to the disc).  Then after a couple of turns, my guy took off and sprinted down to the end zone.  I did my best to catch up, but he scored easily on me.

Oh well.  We are at 50% right now, so I’m still happy.  Next week our game is on Thursday.

However, I got a compliment after the game.  One of their players, who I’ve played against for years, said something to me about being faster.  I must admit, while I do still have endurance over speed, I do feel like I am getting faster.  Still, I was thrilled with that.  Definitely helped my ego after the point where I got scored on so badly.


That Loud Redhead said...

Sorry to hear you lost, but it sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up!!

Mark Baker said...

We hope to.