Thursday, June 06, 2013

Summer League – Off to a Great Start

Monday night was my first week of summer league for the year.  And here’s a twist – we won!

It really helped that they only had 7 people for the first half.  My friend Luke showed up at half to give them one sub.  We had enough for two full teams, so we were able to run and wear them out.

We did stay very close for the first half.  It was tied more often than not, but we did take half at 9-7.  Then in the second half we really took off.  I think it was 17-11 or something like that at the end.

It was a typical first week where we were all getting used to each other to a certain extent.  However, I was able to get open and get the disc several times.  I only dropped it once, and that was one I had to jump to even touch it was so far over my head.  And I successfully passed it on the rest of the time, although a couple were thanks to good hands by teammates.

We had fun, although winning does help with that, too.

Here’s hoping it will be a good, fun season whether we win or lose the rest of our games.

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