Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer League Game 3

Last night was our third game for summer league this year.  And we took on another amazing team.

We got the first point, and were up 1-0.  But then they came back and took two points in a row.  We played the come from behind thing for most of the first half, tying it up to lose the next point.  Finally at half, we were at 7-9.

We came back from half time to go on a three point run and get ahead 10-9.  They had to call a time out, and that settled their heads because they tied it up with the next one.  Then we traded points until it was 13-13.

Sadly, that’s when we decided we were done playing, I guess.  We got one more point, but the ultimate score was 14-17.

I was thrown the disc twice.  The first time, I reached behind me, but I got it.  The second was over my head, and I fumbled it.  I thought I had it several times, but it kept just not quite coming to me.  Finally, my defender was able to swat it away and it hit the ground.  It was so dang frustrating.

Also frustrating as the fact that I could not keep up with any of their guys on D.  They were out running me like crazy.  All of them.  I ran hard, but there was nothing I could do.  On the plus side, I never got scored on.  When my guys got it, they were always coming back toward the disc.  My guy threw a score once, but that was as close as it came.


That Loud Redhead said...

Sorry it didn't go as planned, but I am truly impressed with you for playing this game--it sounds so hard to me! Maybe because I'm totally uncoordinated, lol!

Mark Baker said...

You should have seen me when I started and could barely throw a Frisbee. :)

The hardest part has always been running. Now I can run all day, but my speed still really needs to improve.